LE3S Autonic  Timer

LE3S Autonic Timer

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LE3S Autonic  Timer

 Digital switch type LCD Timer LE3S Series realized wide range power supply (24-240VAC 50/60Hz / 24-240VDC) and simple Up/Down mode change function for customers’ convenience. Moreover, front digital switch allows easy operation setting ever. 10 programmable output modes (only LE3S model) and timing range mode provide customers suitable timing solution for better work environment.

Main Features

 ● Upgraded power supply: 24-240VAC 50/60Hz / 24-240VDC
 ● Easy to switch Up/Down mode
 ● 10 programmable output modes and timing ranges (LE3S)
 ● Selectable function by front digital switches
 ● Graphic output contact status display(NO/NC)
 ● BAR graph display of time progressing in 5% increments
 ● Compact size(length:74mm)